Since 1999, I've held painting classes in "Vuxenskolans"
directions and later on private. The ambition is to inspire
and teach technique to the participants so that they can
get started and paint on their own. The courses is for
everyone that will paint, beginners and the more experienced.

My interest in art have been with me as long as I can
remember. At first it was mostly about textile, but as the
children got older I got an outlet for my passion for colour
and form in my profession working with Marketing and
Advertising for many years.

For me, the color is so important that my paintings usually starts with deciding on a colour scheme and from there I create my paintings. I get my inspiration from town life, books, theatre and film.

At the beginning of the nineties I had the opportunity to live abroad, and I got a lot of my education in Melbourne, Australia. I studied Drawing and Art History at the Melbourne School of Art and also Watercolour painting for Alvaro Castagnet.

I then continued my studies in Brussels, and later on in Korea. There I studied Chinese Brushpainting where my interest in Tiger paintings came to life. The Koreans saw them as guardians of the house that protected them from evil spirits.

I have exhibitied my work in many diverse environments – in recent years mostly in Trosa where I now live.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!